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Asisi Panometer Leipzig

Historical Background

The Asisi Panometer Leipzig is a unique exhibition space housed within a former gasometer, a testament to Leipzig's rich industrial heritage. Built in 1909, this colossal cylindrical structure served as a gas storage facility for over seven decades. However, in 1989, the gasometer was decommissioned, marking the end of an era. Recognizing its architectural significance and cultural potential, the city of Leipzig embarked on a remarkable transformation project. In 1995, the gasometer underwent extensive renovations, resulting in the creation of a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic exhibition space. This innovative concept breathed new life into the historic structure, transforming it into a vibrant cultural hub that attracts visitors from around the world.

Panoramic Masterpieces

At the helm of the Asisi Panometer's immersive experiences stands Yadegar Asisi, a visionary artist whose panoramic creations have captivated audiences worldwide. Asisi's artistic prowess lies in his ability to merge historical accuracy with artistic license, creating awe-inspiring artworks that transport viewers to different eras and locations.

His unique artistic techniques, including the use of perspective and color, contribute to the illusion of depth and realism that characterize his panoramas. Asisi meticulously researches each subject, ensuring that his artworks are not merely artistic representations but also historically accurate portrayals of significant events and places.

Through his innovative storytelling and immersive artworks, Asisi invites visitors to embark on a journey through time, exploring pivotal moments and distant lands with a level of detail and intimacy that is simply breathtaking.

Immersive Experiences

Stepping inside the Asisi Panometer Leipzig is like embarking on a journey through time and space. The circular space envelops visitors in a 360-degree panorama, creating an immersive experience that transports them to different historical eras and distant lands. The panoramic artworks, masterfully crafted by Yadegar Asisi, come alive with intricate details, vibrant colors, and lifelike characters.

Combined with a carefully orchestrated symphony of sound effects, lighting, and music, the Panometer's immersive environment captivates the senses and allows visitors to feel as if they are actually present in the scenes depicted. The panoramic artworks are not mere representations of history; they are portals to other worlds, inviting visitors to explore, learn, and connect with the past in a truly visceral way.

Asisi's artistic vision extends beyond the visual realm, incorporating historical research, storytelling, and innovative techniques to create a multisensory experience. Visitors can hear the clash of swords in the Battle of Leipzig, smell the fragrant blossoms of ancient Rome, and feel the humidity of the Amazon rainforest – all within the confines of this unique exhibition space.

"Leipzig 1813": A Journey Through History

The first panorama exhibited at the Asisi Panometer is a masterpiece that transports visitors back to the Battle of Leipzig in 1813, a pivotal event in European history. This immersive artwork, created by Yadegar Asisi, brings to life the chaos and grandeur of this epic clash between Napoleon's forces and the allied armies of Russia, Prussia, Austria, and Sweden.

As you step inside the circular space of the Panometer, you are immediately struck by the scale and detail of the panorama. The 360-degree artwork, measuring 15 meters in height and 120 meters in circumference, surrounds you completely, creating a sense of being in the midst of the battle.

The artistic representation of the Battle of Leipzig is both historically accurate and breathtakingly beautiful. Asisi meticulously researched the event, studying historical documents, maps, and paintings to recreate the scene with stunning precision. The panorama captures the sweeping landscape of the battlefield, with its vast armies, billowing smoke, and the distant spires of Leipzig in the background.

Through the use of lighting, sound effects, and subtle animations, Asisi brings the panorama to life. The roar of cannons, the clash of swords, and the cries of soldiers create an immersive soundscape that further enhances the visitor experience. As the day progresses within the panorama, from dawn to dusk, the shifting light illuminates different aspects of the battle, adding depth and drama to the scene.

"Leipzig 1813" is not just a historical document but also a powerful work of art that invites viewers to contemplate the human cost of war and the resilience of the human spirit. It is a must-see for anyone interested in history, art, or simply the power of immersive storytelling.

"Rome 312": A Journey Through Ancient Rome

The second panorama on display at the Asisi Panometer takes visitors back in time to the ancient city of Rome in the year 312 AD. This immersive artwork transports viewers to the heart of the Roman Empire, during the reign of Constantine the Great, a pivotal figure in the history of Christianity.

Asisi's masterful depiction of Rome captures the grandeur and spectacle of the ancient city, with its iconic landmarks, bustling streets, and vibrant colors. Visitors can almost feel the energy and excitement of the Roman people as they go about their daily lives, from merchants trading in the bustling markets to gladiators preparing for battle in the Colosseum.

The panorama also delves into the historical narrative of Rome in 312 AD, a time of great change and religious upheaval. It depicts the Battle of the Milvian Bridge, a crucial moment in Constantine's rise to power, and the subsequent Edict of Milan, which granted religious freedom to Christians throughout the Roman Empire.

Through Asisi's immersive artwork, visitors can witness the architectural marvels of ancient Rome, including the Colosseum, the Circus Maximus, and the Pantheon, all rendered with painstaking detail and historical accuracy. The panorama invites viewers to contemplate the power and influence of the Roman Empire and its lasting legacy on Western civilization.

"Rome 312" is not just a visual spectacle but also a thought-provoking journey through history. It encourages visitors to reflect on the significance of religious freedom, the rise of Christianity, and the enduring impact of ancient Rome on our world today.

Amazonia: Journey into the Heart of the Rainforest

Step into the heart of the Amazon rainforest, brought to life through Yadegar Asisi's masterful panoramic artwork. "Amazonia" offers a captivating immersion into the vibrant tapestry of life that defines this vital ecosystem. Prepare to encounter towering trees, lush vegetation, and an abundance of wildlife, all intricately depicted to showcase the region's incredible biodiversity.

Through Asisi's artistic vision, you'll witness the intricate interconnections between plants, animals, and the indigenous communities that call the Amazon home. The artwork highlights the delicate balance of this fragile ecosystem, urging visitors to reflect on the urgent need for conservation and preservation.

Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the rainforest, surrounded by the chirping of birds, the calls of animals, and the gentle rustling of leaves. The panoramic experience transports you to the heart of this natural wonder, allowing you to appreciate the awe-inspiring beauty and diversity that define the Amazon rainforest.

"Great Barrier Reef": A Journey into the Underwater Paradise

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking underwater world of the Great Barrier Reef, brought to life in the fourth panorama at the Asisi Panometer Leipzig. This awe-inspiring artwork transports you to the heart of Australia's iconic natural wonder, where vibrant coral gardens teem with an astonishing diversity of marine life.

Marvel at the intricate details and vibrant colors of the coral formations, each a unique masterpiece shaped by centuries of growth. Schools of colorful fish dart in and out of the coral, creating a mesmerizing ballet of motion. Sea turtles glide gracefully through the water, their ancient eyes holding secrets of the deep.

Asisi's artistic vision invites you to explore the delicate balance of this fragile ecosystem. The panorama highlights the importance of conservation efforts to protect the reef's biodiversity and ensure its survival for generations to come.

Experience the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef without getting wet. The Asisi Panometer offers a unique opportunity to discover the beauty and fragility of this underwater paradise, leaving you with a sense of awe and wonder.

Changing Exhibitions

The Asisi Panometer is not limited to its permanent panoramas. It regularly hosts new temporary exhibitions that explore diverse themes and artistic perspectives, offering visitors a fresh and ever-changing experience. These exhibitions showcase the works of renowned artists, emerging talents, and collaborations with cultural institutions from around the world.

Past exhibitions have covered a wide range of topics, from historical events and cultural traditions to scientific discoveries and environmental issues. For instance, the Panometer has showcased exhibitions on the fall of the Berlin Wall, the life and work of Frida Kahlo, the wonders of the human body, and the fragile beauty of the Arctic wilderness.

Each temporary exhibition is carefully curated to complement the unique circular space of the Panometer. The immersive environment allows artists to create installations, projections, and multimedia experiences that engage visitors on multiple levels.

Whether you're a regular visitor or a first-time explorer, the changing exhibitions at the Asisi Panometer offer a chance to discover new artistic voices, delve into different historical periods, and gain fresh perspectives on the world around us.

Educational Programs

The Asisi Panometer takes education beyond the walls of its immersive artworks. It offers a range of educational programs and workshops designed to engage students, families, and visitors of all ages. Interactive activities, guided tours, and learning resources bring history, art, and environmental themes to life, fostering a deeper understanding of the subjects explored in the panoramas.

For school groups, the Panometer provides tailored educational programs that align with curriculum requirements. Guided tours led by experienced educators help students delve into the historical and cultural significance of the artworks, encouraging critical thinking and discussion. Interactive workshops encourage hands-on exploration of the panoramas' themes, allowing students to create their own artistic expressions and engage with the content in a meaningful way.

Families can also enjoy educational activities at the Panometer. Family workshops invite parents and children to collaborate on creative projects inspired by the panoramas. These workshops provide a fun and interactive way for families to bond while learning together. The Panometer also offers scavenger hunts and activity sheets that encourage families to explore the artworks in a playful and engaging manner.

In addition, the Panometer hosts lectures, talks, and film screenings throughout the year, inviting experts and artists to share their insights on the panoramas and related topics. These events provide opportunities for visitors to expand their knowledge and engage in discussions with like-minded individuals.


The Asisi Panometer is committed to ensuring that all visitors, regardless of their abilities, can enjoy the immersive experience it offers. Wheelchair accessibility is a top priority, with ramps and elevators providing easy access to all levels of the building. The Panometer also provides audio guides in multiple languages, allowing visitors to explore the exhibitions at their own pace and in their preferred language. Additionally, multilingual signage throughout the Panometer ensures that all visitors can navigate the space and understand the exhibits.

Personal Anecdote:

During my visit to the Asisi Panometer, I was particularly impressed by the thoughtfulness of the accessibility features. As a wheelchair user, I was able to move around the circular space with ease, thanks to the wide ramps and well-placed elevators. The audio guide was also a great help, providing me with detailed descriptions of the artworks and historical context. It was clear that the Panometer's staff had gone to great lengths to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all visitors.

Booking and Tickets

To ensure a seamless visit, booking tickets in advance, especially during peak seasons, is highly recommended. You can purchase tickets online through the Asisi Panometer's official website or through authorized ticketing platforms. Standard ticket prices vary depending on the exhibition and the time of year, with discounts available for groups, families, and students. Keep an eye out for special promotions and events that may offer additional savings or exclusive experiences. Online booking offers convenience, allows you to choose your preferred time slot, and often provides a direct entry option, avoiding queues at the ticket counter.

Location and Transportation

The Asisi Panometer Leipzig is conveniently located in the heart of the city, making it easily accessible by public transportation. Situated at Richard-Lehmann-Straße 114, it is just a short walk from the S-Bahn station Leipzig-Plagwitz and various tram and bus stops. Several major roads, including the A9 and A14, provide easy access for those traveling by car.

If you're exploring Leipzig on foot, the Asisi Panometer is a pleasant 30-minute stroll from the city center. Along the way, you'll pass by numerous historical landmarks, charming cafes, and vibrant neighborhoods. Bicycles are also a popular mode of transportation in Leipzig, and there are designated bike lanes and rental stations throughout the city.

Once you arrive at the Asisi Panometer, you'll find ample parking spaces available for both cars and bicycles. The parking lot is well-lit and secure, ensuring the safety of your vehicle during your visit.

Food and Drinks

Before or after your immersive journey through history and nature, you might want to refuel and grab a bite to eat. Luckily, the Asisi Panometer is surrounded by a variety of dining options. Just a stone's throw away, you'll find the "Panometer Café," a cozy spot offering a range of snacks, sandwiches, and hot beverages. If you're looking for a more substantial meal, there are several restaurants within walking distance. For traditional German cuisine, head to "Zur letzten Instanz," a charming restaurant serving hearty dishes and local specialties. If you're in the mood for something international, try "Besitos," a tapas bar with a vibrant atmosphere and a delicious selection of Spanish tapas and paella.

Insider Tip: Embark on a Panoramic Journey at Twilight

For an unforgettable experience, time your visit to the Asisi Panometer as the sun begins to set. As darkness envelops Leipzig, the panoramic artworks take on a magical and ethereal quality. The interplay of natural and artificial light casts a warm glow on the historical scenes, creating a truly immersive and awe-inspiring atmosphere. Witnessing the panoramas under the twilight sky adds an extra layer of enchantment, transporting you back in time like never before. Whether you're a history buff, an art enthusiast, or simply seeking a unique and memorable experience, a visit to the Asisi Panometer at twilight is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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